Our portfolio includes corporate and small businesses websites, Content Management Systems (CMS), directories, job sites, web hosting and e-commerce websites design and development.

Many of our clients outsource their clients work to us and we commit not to mention their client as our client. If you are looking for any such particular arrangement, believe me you are at right spot. We NEVER contact your end client in case if you are agency client and you inform us well advance.


Al-Noor Trust



Webpedia designed Al-Noor Trust website's CMS which allows changing text, graphics and movies on the fly. Client can login to secure area and perform various database driven functionality.   Improved CMS, and introduced many features to manage web portal better. ANZ payment gateway is implemented for credit card processing.
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Northern Sydney Institute, TAFE-NSW


College of North West

Northern Sydney Institute, TAFE-NSW   College of North West
Our web guru written course management system for international students. Staff has now logins to update course contents. All activities of staff members are logged and managers can see who has edited what.   While working for College of North West London, London’s, our web guru developed a number of projects like CMS, Web-based Staff Development Approval Request, Php were used in these projects.
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Australian Youth Ambassador for Development


Volunteering for International Development from Australia

Australian Youth Ambassador   VIDA
Developed website CMS, assignments from an offsite server shown on the web, provided different type of search facility, contact forms and online upload feature for different type of data, forms and pictures.   Developed customized CMS to meet VIDA's requirements and integrated their offline software written in Access with online SQL Server. CMS was written in ASP.NET 2, T-SQL, and Sql Server 2000.
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Diabetes SA


Prescott Securities

Diabetes SA   Prescott Securities
Enhanced CMS, developed product catalogue and implemented e-commerce solution.   This CMS was designed to update contents in database, sending newsletters to register members, managing users, managing dynamic forms on the fly, uploading docs, pdfs, images, videos etc.
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TQCSI International



TQCSI International   PashaJe
TQCSI had a web based application which was operated by various branch offices across continents which managed to meet all their requirements within time-frame & estimate. (Server 2000, ASP.Net, C#, T-SQL)   Pasha is the Europe's most popular, best Lollywood & Bollywood shows promoter. We have developed top flash banner and shows photo gallery in PHP.
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Al-Noor Trust  

Webpedia redeveloped this site for our community partner at a subsidized rate and provides ongoing web maintenance. The new design and organization of data is visually appealing to all users and help donors find relevant information quickly.

"Webpedia's customer service is professional, prompt and thorough. London Community Foundation's new website is appealing to users and vital to getting out the stories of how its making a difference in our community. The tracking system they developed for the Foundation’s grants is crucial to its everyday administration ensuring accuracy as well as consistency. Echidna can be counted on to provide reliable and creative solutions."

I want to stand out from the crowd, but how? This is a question we are most commonly asked by our clients.
We develop unique website solutions to increase efficiency and competitive advantage of companies by enabling web.
We have turned many brochure based website into online catalogue and then to e-commerce enabled solutions.
As we all view only those websites which comes first as a result of our search in any major search engine like Yahoo, Google or Microsoft.