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Al-Noor Trust  

Webpedia redeveloped this site for our community partner at a subsidized rate and provides ongoing web maintenance. The new design and organization of data is visually appealing to all users and help donors find relevant information quickly.

"Webpedia's customer service is professional, prompt and thorough. London Community Foundation's new website is appealing to users and vital to getting out the stories of how its making a difference in our community. The tracking system they developed for the Foundation’s grants is crucial to its everyday administration ensuring accuracy as well as consistency. Echidna can be counted on to provide reliable and creative solutions."

I want to stand out from the crowd, but how? This is a question we are most commonly asked by our clients.
We develop unique website solutions to increase efficiency and competitive advantage of companies by enabling web.
We have turned many brochure based website into online catalogue and then to e-commerce enabled solutions.
As we all view only those websites which comes first as a result of our search in any major search engine like Yahoo, Google or Microsoft.